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The DVLA held their latest auction of customized quantity plates on Wednesday 24th October by right until Friday the s6th of Oct at the Down Hall Hotel , Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire and ongoing to love achievements in attracting bids from the public and dealers within the home , on-line , by phone and by submit.The DVLA are only permitted to auction registration quantities which have not been Beforehand issued to some car, they cannot auction figures belonging to customers of the public or registrations which now not have the original motor vehicle in existence.


Largest success was the sale of WE57 HAM ( West Ham ) which introduced forty five,000 for the fall from the hammer remaining fueled by a bidding war amongst enthusiastic West Ham supporters , the winner was nameless, getting finished his bidding online.This beats the former record to get a football associated plate as AR53 NAL fetched 팔팔카 36,000 in 2004. There was also a novel bit of memorabilia in the form of the framed plate of greats signed by 44 Hammers footballers together with Sir Geoff Hurst MBA and Martin Peters MBE .This was auctioned for 1100 Together with the proceeds going to the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Investigation UK. Next best sale was to the registration number 1 DAM at 25000 which didn't seem to be too much for these well known initials With all the exclusivity of primary , then seventy eight G at 16000. The No 1 registrations ongoing in popularity with one WEE bringing fifteen,000,one TAA brought the same quantity and 1 RRJ introduced 14,000.

Some noteworthy bargains had been B111 DUF ( Monthly bill Duff ) at 350 ,BER 3T at 450, LON 3R at 600 and DOU 99Y at 800 .Amazingly superior bids had been designed for CRA 19S ( 8,600 ) , SCR 44P (eight,600 ) and ALL 3X ( nine,000 ) .Some remarkably unsold quantities ended up PAM 911S that has a reserve of five hundred ( perhaps a Porsche 911S is http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/?action=click&contentCollection&region=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/88카 not really a women car or truck? ) and RUM 5S which has a reserve of only 400. A lot of the additional interesting novelty registration numbers were being COO 1L at seven,500 , GOA 1S at seven,one hundred , CLU 8S at 8,seven-hundred and MU55 ELS at 5000.

All costs are bids accomplished along with these figures the client would've paid an auctioneers Fee , v.a.t. at 17.five% and an eighty D.O.T. transfer rate , this provides roughly 25% on top of the bid amount.

Total money for that auction was in surplus of four million moreover vat not surprisingly and likewise an eighty transfer rate for each selection is owing ,bringing the entire capture for your treasury to nearer six million.

There is an additional auction prepared for December 4th , 5th and 6th at Tankersley manor, Barnsley , South Yorkshire . This is probably destined to be the last just one for 2007 Even though there have been occasional Specific gross sales all-around Xmas up to now , but these are for a small quantity of incredibly exceptional numbers expected to deliver enormous bids.

Free catalogues is usually downloaded in PDF structure with the DVLA sale of marks Web page , you may then choose which way you wish to bid and sign up for bidding at this sale. Alternatively you can perspective an entire listing of personalised number plates on give in Excel or Adobe Flash format.